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Client Testimonials

My wife and I are working with the Burnham law firm on an appeals case. Not only did Todd give me a free consultation with himself as the managing partner, he gave me another with Aaron upon my request, because Todd had told us that Aaron was his appeals guy. After my initial conversation with Aaron I felt comfortable to move forward. In our initial pleadings and drafts for our appeal we have noticed Aaron to be a literary master. His meticulous writing style is Grade A and premium. Our trial lawyer has collaborated with Aaron on our case and she went as far as stating that “he wrote in two pages what I would have needed 6 pages”. Aaron has been exceptional to work with, and I look forward to writing the Burnham team additional reviews in the future as they have been exceptional to work with.


Aaron Belzer with the Burnham Law Firm is an absolutely outstanding, first-rate attorney. Insightful, strong, articulate, with deep integrity. He has great heart, warmth, and magnetism. Brilliant writer. Top strategist. He has made the most profound impact I think a person could make on my life and the lives of my children…I am immeasurably grateful for what he has done for my family.

Christian B

Burnham Law is who you want on your side for legal representation. They are sharp, strategic and efficient. In my case, opposing counsel was clearly intimidated and I was extremely pleased with the process.

Peter B

In the first minute of meeting Todd I knew he was my attorney. He “got it.” A master of strategy, I could always see the cogs turning in his head.


We retained Mr. Belzer at Burnham Law to help us with a contract dispute. We were very satisfied with the process and outcome. Mr. Belzer is very bright, articulate, detail oriented and effective. His support staff was also excellent. Mr. Belzer appeared to have extensive knowledge of the law surrounding our dispute with the contractor. In addition, he was very precise with respect to schedules and deadlines.

After we explained the details of our situation, Mr. Belzer wrote a very detailed letter to the contractor regarding the breach of contract. The letter was clear and comprehensive. The contractor responded within the allotted timeframe that Mr. Belzer requested. He was able to resolve our dispute and 100% of our funds were returned. This also allowed us to avoid litigation. Our only regret is that we didn’t call him sooner to help with our situation.

We highly recommend Mr. Belzer and Burnham Law and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

Michael D

Knowing that Aaron was there to support me and my case made a world of difference. I knew he was in my corner and would be a voice when I needed it. He was incredibly responsive, always calling or emailing me when he said he would and in response to my calls and emails. He gave clear, concise direction and scenarios for me to work with. Additionally, he reminded me of various facts and details of my case, that I sometimes didn’t think of at the time. I would 100% utilize his services again if I needed a lawyer in the future.


I highly recommend Danielle Davis for an attorney. Ms. Davis was nothing but professional, understanding and communicative. Ms. Davis handled my case with great humbleness and dignity. Under the circumstances, Ms. Davis was a pleasure to work with. Ms. Davis provided me with excellent representation and also put my mind at ease (when needed) during my ordeal. Ms. Davis to me was a Blessing. Danielle Davis is a force to reckon with!!! Everyone that worked on my case for Ms. Davis was and is SUPERB!!!


Having a lawsuit brought against you is probably one of the most traumatic things a person could go through. Having a frivolous lawsuit brought against you, adds bricks to the weight. Aaron Belzer took our case on, (in a hurry on our end) unsure of all the exact details… but he sure brought himself up to speed quickly. 

He wanted to know everything. He even wanted to hear how we felt, how we were doing, how our children were doing. And he remembered everything regarding our case. From what we told him, transcripts, motions filed, down to the finest detail. Mr. Belzer is full of insight, and he knows just what card of law to put on the table, and when. 

He was phenomenal at answering any questions we had, and was straightforward about his opinion and strategy. 
At one point in time during this lawsuit, my husband was so angry at the Plaintiffs, Mr. Belzer got to be (in my eyes) a “verbal punching bag” of my husband. But he stood there with complete compassion and professionalism and redirected my husbands anger and stress, to positivity for our end of the case. 

We attended one pretrial, which was set for continuance. At our second pretrial, Mr. Belzer swung every single claim (5 of them !) against us out. DISMISSED. He was remarkably professional, and prompt when it came to speaking to the court. On one occasion he stood up reciting statue word for word, with nothing but a blank notebook in front of him. 

He literally left opposing counsel stumbling for words. Working with Aaron Belzer and the Burnham law firm was a great experience. I hate that they only give me an option for 5 stars, they deserve 10. We will stick with him, and the firm always for any legal assistance we need in the future.