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The city of Fort Collins is 57.05 square miles of magnificent beauty and Burnham Law couldn’t be happier to be part of such an incredible community. Of course, no community functions without disagreements and disputes. When legal disputes arise, the civil lawyers at Burnham Law stand ready to assist Fort Collins residents. 

Practice Areas

Our law firm specializes in a number of different civil law practice areas. Burnham civil law attorneys are available to provide legal representation for the following types of cases. 

Breach of Contract

Behind almost every transaction is an underlying contract. Contracts can be written, but they may also be spoken. When disputes arise surrounding the breach of a contract, both parties should take care to understand their contractual rights and obligations. The contract lawyers at Burnham Law can sit down with you to review your contract, help you understand your rights, and devise a strategy to help you protect both your reputation and your rights. 

Tort Litigation 

A tort is defined as an infringement of rights or a wrongful act that leads to civil legal liability. If you believe you’ve been harmed and would like to file a tort claim, or you’d like to defend against a tort claim, the tort litigation lawyers at Burnham Law can help. 

Property & Real Estate Litigation

Property and real estate transactions are inherently complex and often contentious. Disputes surrounding real estate commonly involve HOA litigation, landlord/tenant disagreements, zoning and land use issues, foreclosures, and real estate sales, purchases, or transfers. When a property dispute arises, the real estate attorneys at Burnham Law can help to defend your property and protect your rights. 


Colorado residents who have received unfair verdicts in a case have the right to attempt to appeal the decision. The attorneys at Burnham Law possess a profound understanding of the appellate process and can help you devise a strategy to provide you with the best chance of being able to reverse the decision. In addition to filing appellate claims, our appellate lawyers can also help individuals and businesses defend against appellate claims to protect a case verdict. 

Cannabis Law

Ever-changing state, city, and federal laws make litigation common for cannabis businesses. If you’re facing a dispute involving business/partner disagreements, cannabis license violations and revocations, civil racketeering, or landlord/tenant disputes,  the cannabis business lawyers at Burnham Law can provide representation to help you earn the best possible resolution. 


You may or may not be aware, but it’s illegal in the state of Colorado to knowingly and willfully fail to disclose to a sexual partner that you’re carrying a sexually transmitted disease. If you’ve contracted an STD from a partner and they did not disclose the fact that they had an STD, you may be entitled to compensation. An STD attorney can work with you to ensure you receive compensation for both medical bills and emotional suffering. 

Civil Sexual Assault

Sexual assault victims can receive justice through criminal prosecution, but they may also be able to receive compensation via a civil lawsuit. Civil lawsuits can help victims earn monetary compensation for harm suffered as a result of the assault. The sexual assault lawyers at Burnham Law can help victims file civil sexual assault cases. 

What Burnham Law Can Offer You

For over a decade, Burnham Law has helped Fort Collins residents earn favorable outcomes in civil law cases. The team at Burnham Law is comprised of some of the highest rated litigators and negotiators in the field of civil litigation. When you work with Burnham Law you’ll receive access to both large firm resources and small firm attention. You won’t be just another case number and you’ll be working with attorneys who strike a delicate balance between aggressive and compassionate legal representation. Together, we’ll sit down and outline your short and long-term goals to develop a custom strategy that will help you obtain the best possible outcome for your case. 

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Our Civil Litigation Team can provide the legal support you need every step of the way, helping you achieve a positive outcome so you can get back to your life.  During the initial consultation, our civil attorneys will review the details of your case and explain your options for moving forward.  Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with an experienced Fort Collins Civil Litigation attorney at Burnham Law.