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Practice Areas

Burnham Law lawyers are well-versed in a number of different civil law practice areas. We are available to offer legal representation for the following case types.


You have the right to appeal a decision in a case if you believe the verdict was unfair. If you’d like to try to appeal a verdict, the appellate attorneys at Burnham Law can work with you to build a strong case. We’ll sit down and talk about your needs and goals to then develop a custom tailored strategy that will earn you the best possible outcome. In addition to filing appellate cases, the attorneys at Burnham Law can also defend individuals or businesses with an appeal filed against them. 

Breach of Contract

Any time a transaction occurs there is almost always an underlying contract. Contracts can be both written and spoken and when a contract is breached, it’s in your best interest to speak with an attorney. A contract lawyer can review the transaction and underlying contract to help you understand your contractual rights and obligations. With the assistance of Burnham Law, you can protect both your rights and your reputation.

Tort Litigation 

A tort is defined as an infringement of rights or a wrongful act that leads to civil legal liability. If you’ve been wronged or your rights have been infringed, the tort litigation lawyers at Burnham Law can help you file a tort claim. In addition to filing claims, our attorneys can also help to defend individuals or businesses with tort claims filed against them. 

Cannabis Law

In today’s ever-evolving legal landscape, owning and operating a cannabis business isn’t easy. Cannabis business owners constantly face legal disputes related to local laws and general business activities. If your cannabis business is facing a dispute related to business/partner disagreements, civil racketeering, breach of contract, landlord/tenant disagreements, or cannabis license violations and revocations, the cannabis business lawyers at Burnham Law are available to help. 

Property & Real Estate Litigation

Property disputes surrounding real estate are incredibly common. If you’re involved in a dispute regarding landlord/tenant disagreements, zoning and land use, foreclosure, real estate sales, purchases, or transfers, or HOA litigation, the real estate lawyers at Burnham Law are available to help. We can put together a strategy to protect your interests or defend your property against claims. 


In the state of Colorado, it’s actually against the law for a sexual partner to knowingly and willfully fail to disclose that they carry a sexually transmitted disease. If you’ve contracted an STD from a partner and they did not disclose that they were infected with the disease, you may have a legal case. The STD lawyers at our firm can fight to earn you compensation for both medical expenses and emotional suffering related to your STD. Allow us to help you receive the compensation you deserve. 

Civil Sexual Assault

In addition to having their attacker face criminal prosecution, sexual assault victims can also file a civil lawsuit to earn additional justice. Through a civil suit, a sexual assault victim can receive compensation for harm suffered as a result of the assault. The sexual assault lawyers at Burnham Law can help victims file cases to earn the compensation they deserve. 

The Burnham Law Advantage

For over a decade, the attorneys at Burnham Law have helped businesses and individuals in Colorado Springs earn favorable outcomes in civil law cases. The team of attorneys at Burnham Law is comprised of some of the highest rated litigators and negotiators in the state. Our firm takes great pride in offering clients exceptional service and unrivaled legal support. We aim to strike a fine balance between aggressive and compassionate representation. Together, we’ll devise a strategy that will earn you the best possible resolution in your legal dispute. 

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