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Sometimes the court gets it wrong, right? We see erroneous orders all the time. Judges are human. When that happens, you don’t want to throw good money after bad money. You need to make sure you have a chance to succeed and, if you do, you have to have the best chance of winning. Appeals are expensive and time consuming and you obviously have a lot riding on the appeal.

Our civil division, which includes all appeals, both civil and criminal, is managed by Aaron Belzer, the former Editor in Chief of the DU Law Review who later clerked for the Colorado Court of Appeals. His experience working in chambers with an appellate judge provided Aaron with a unique insight into the appellate process. Because he has experience working with the judge to decide these appellate cases, he knows firsthand what makes for an effective brief and how to be persuasive at oral argument. As well, he knows what to avoid. It’s the highest level representation for all appeals. This is Colorado appeals at the highest level. This is Burnham Law.