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If you or your business has been sued or you feel that you need to take legal action as a result of having been wronged or harmed, The Burnham Law Civil Litigation Division is ready to represent you and advocate for your rights.  Filing or defending your rights in a civil lawsuit can be intimidating and stressful.  The rules and procedures that govern civil litigation are complicated and require skilled legal representation.  Our highest-level attorneys are here to navigate you through that process effectively, strategically, and efficiently to increase your chances of winning.

We listen carefully to clients and plan a course of action at the outset of a case, advising clients of the risks and benefits of various strategic approaches, identifying the best options for accomplishing our clients’ goals, and then zealously advocating for those goals.  Our attorneys are experienced in filing and defending civil lawsuits and representing clients through all aspects of dispute resolution, including trial and appellate litigation, mediation, and arbitration.

The Burnham Law Civil Litigation Division attorneys know the Colorado Court System, and we know when and how to be proactive with aggressive strategies to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients.  We’ve successfully litigated cases in Colorado on behalf of corporations, small businesses, and individuals.  Our litigation team has comprehensive experience resolving breach of contract claims, equitable claims like unjust enrichment and promissory estoppel, business litigation, tort claims, real estate and property issues, landlord-tenant issues, appeals, and more.  Our team of sophisticated attorneys and paralegals have experience managing complex cases, performing legal and investigative research, negotiating impressive settlements, and trying cases.  We’ll put our experience to work for you.

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Burnham Law is proud to announce that, the leading independent attorney ratings company, has selected this Colorado law firm as their highlighted national domestic litigation firm. 

Burnham Law is who you want on your side for legal representation. They are sharp, strategic and efficient. In my case, opposing counsel was clearly intimidated and I was extremely pleased with the process. 

- Peter B

Burnham Law Civil Litigation Team is made up of skilled advocates who practice in all areas of dispute resolution, including trial and appellate litigation, arbitration, mediation and regulatory proceedings.

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